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Siras Systems Support:

Email Support:    support@sirassystems.com
Issues concerning bugs on forms; SIRAS procedures; troubleshooting questions; IEP Manager Adobe Reader / PDF mode / HTML mode; configuration issues; MIS Summary page; and CASEMIS questions. 

SIRAS Hotline:   844-33 SIRAS    or   (844) 337-4727  
(M - F:  8:00 to 6:00)

Joanna Della Gatta (SELPA Representative):      jdellagatta@vcoe.org
Questions regarding forms use; meeting purposes; special ed. procedures; general SELPA related questions.

If your password needs to be reset email your district CASEMIS Clerk using your district email.
User name:  first.last  (put a period in-between the first and last name, no spaces) Passwords are case sensitive.

Bulletin Board

NEW!!!   Important Chrome Update for IEP Manager!!  If you intend to use the IEP Manager you MUST read below!
Chrome v.45 released on 9/1/15 completely removes the ability to use the Adobe PDF Plugin for the IEP Manager, aka 'PDF mode'.  If you use Chrome that has been updated to the latest version, you will only be able to use the HTML Mode in the IEP Manager.  Most Chrome applications are set to auto update to version 45.

Please notice what mode you use in the IEP Manager when opening forms.   
Look for HTML or PDF at bottom of IEP Manager.
Notice all users: In order to use PDF mode, you must have one version of either Adobe Reader X, XI or Adobe Acrobat DC installed.  It also must be allowed to update. If your Adobe Reader application is not allowed to update, the PDF mode will stop working for you. See System Requirements under Support for more details.
If you want to use the PDF mode of IEP manager on Mac: You can only use Safari and it must be configured to trust Adobe Reader.  You can use the IEP Manager in HTML mode in any browser on a Mac. 
If you want to use PDF mode on a PC: You must configure Internet Explorer first to trust both the website address and the Adobe Reader Plugin, no matter what browser you want to use.  That includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, or possibly an old version Chrome pre version 45. Once Internet Explorer has been configured you must secondarily configure Firefox or the configure an older version of Chrome prior to version 45 to trust the Adobe PDF plugin.

* READ ME - IEP Manager Requirements for using PDF Mode: Config. Explorer for PC PDF mode (Mandatory for all PC users even if using Firefox) or  Config. Safari for Mac PDF mode (Mandatory for all Mac) or Config. Firefox for PC PDF mode. -(Config. of outdated Chrome 44 or less.)

HTML Mode does not require Adobe to be installed or configured for saving data into SIRAS in the IEP Manager. A PDF program will be required to print from the HTML mode from within the IEP Manager. Chrome and Firefox have the ability to open the print jobs that are saved when printing from HTML mode.  Popups must be allowed for your SIRAS web address as print requests may open in a popup tab or they can be retrieved from your downloads folder. [Help allowing popus in Chrome] [Help allowing popups in Firefox] [Help allowing popups in Explorer] [Chrome HTML printing help]

Please Click on Support at the bottom of the page and goto 'System Requirements' tab for further questions about setup.

Siras Systems Newsletter

New HOT Features Introduced this Month in response to user requests

  • Siras Systems, Inc. is announcing a new protocol which will enhance users’ experience with support.  SIRAS has welcomed Michael Brown to manage SIRAS Support and the new protocol.  Michael is from Bakersfield and brings with him an extensive background working with SIRAS. He has a Master of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Science in Business and has been working in education for the past 10 years.

COOL Changes Made to Existing Features to make life easier


IMPORTANT Reminders for case managers when using SIRAS  


          Homer's Pointers:

September 2015:  PRINTING - removing browser's header and footer

When printing out Student Lists, Progress Reports, or other SIRAS reports generated from the web page (not PDF forms) and you want to remove the title and footer inserted by your browser, go to the Menu bar for your browser, go under "File" to "Page Setup" then change all of the settings for your header and footer to "Empty".  Otherwise the things listed such as Title, page numbers, dates, and URL will print on your report which is usually not desireable.  This only needs to be done once and your browser will remember.

To turn off your Popup Blockers for all sites, open your browser and look under Tools on the menu bar and scroll down to Pop-up Blocker, then select "Turn off Pop-up Blocker".

August 2015:  HOT KEYS

Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts that will assist you in using SIRAS more efficiently.


Under Choose Student List

On the MIS Summary page

Word Processing Shortcuts